Monday, October 6, 2008

Learning TDD by Counting Lines

IEEE Software May/June 2007

Interesting little paper describing Nokia Networks migration from waterfall to agile, and the tools used by the group training Nokia's developers on how to use test driven development. The exercise in question talks about the first step the new developers took in creating a program to count non-commented lines in a source file, using a TDD approach. Start off with the low-hanging fruit (a test with an input program of one line), and scale it up until hitting a code-wall. The third movement in TDD, refactoring, is apparently often overlooked by new TDD developers (I'm guilty of this, too). This includes not only refactoring commonalities in the test cases, but in the production code and even refactoring the design of the production code. Emergent design, in this case, means more than just making the most logical step at each point and hoping that the best design will result.

Anyway positive results on a non-statistically significant (12) number of development teams.

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