Monday, December 29, 2008

Relaxing Christmas Break

My relaxing Christmas break is coming to an end, and not a moment too soon. Just to recap:
  • Spent the first few days adjusting to the noise level in my house, which I had apparantly forgotten about
  • Had 5 (five) wisdom teeth removed. Important note: always get your pain medication before the Novocaine wears off. If the wait time at the pharmacy is longer than an hour, get the doctor to call in the order ahead of time. Most unpleasant two hours ever.
  • Acquired 1 (one) head cold from either family members at Christmas eve party, or mobs on boxing day. Just in case an aching, pounding pain in your jaw bone isn't enough, here's two more aching, pounding pains: one in your head, and one in your throat!
  • Sub-par productivity levels, which I'm blaming on the codine.
  • Modem feels the need to reset/crash about once every 5 minutes
Anyway, it will be nice to be back in Toronto again.


George said...

Crazy! I don't know anyone else who has wisdom tooth hyperdontia! Did you only have one extra wisdom tooth?

Rory said...

Yes, just the one extra. Everything is back to normal now, though.