Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Code Monkies and the Recipe for Happiness

Hanging out in my office today. Being moderately productive, but in an inexplicably good mood. The apparent recipe for happiness is as follows:

  1. Purchase a ridiculously expensive bagel
  2. Coffee
  3. Install shiny new operating system on laptop
  4. Meet with supervisor
  5. Coffee
  6. Create UI mockups for hypothetical testing tool
  7. Listen to 'Code Monkey' by Jonathan Coulton a few hundred times.
  8. Coffee
I like this song. It gives me this mental image of developers as knuckle-dragging primates. Especially the way Coulton removes all articles from the lyrics of the song. Ex. "Code monkey get up, get coffee." And after all, if you can't laugh at yourself, at whom can you laugh? (sentences also can't end in prepositions). A couple excerpts:

"Rob says Code Monkey very diligent, but his output stink. Code Monkey's code not functional or elegant. What do Code Monkey think? Code Monkey think maybe manager want to write god damn login page himself? Code Monkey not say it out loud. Code Monkey not crazy, just proud!"

"Much rather wake up, eat coffee cake. Take bath. Take nap. This job fulfilling in creative ways. What a load of crap."

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