Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things on my Todo list

My current list of things I want/need to do:

Petzold, "The Annotated Turing"
Homer, "The Odyssey"
Huth and Ryan, "Logic in Computer Science"
Tennant, "Specifying Software"
"Software Architecture, A Primer"
Gorton, "Essential Software Architecture"
Dickens, "Oliver Twist"

2125 end of term summary paper
2130 empirical study paper
conceptual model of REST process & motivation
ERB paperwork

Instrumented JUnit and PyUnit
Diplomacy relationship analyzer
Qualitative Coding Application
iPhone app for navigation and aviation
Custom Braid mod - or just re-implement the engine with Java 2D and OpenGL

Health Insurance Claim
Personal/professional website, portfolio, and cards. Would like these to have a unifying visual theme.
Bribe people on craigslist for sold out Johathan Coulton tickets
Plan Carmen's bachelor party, 3 camping trips, and a houseboat rental scheme.
Paperwork for windsurfing class.
Compare & choose sailing clubs for the summer
Finish Bluenose

Obviously, this list is waayyy to long to be reasonable. I think you can see where the priorities should go, however (finishing ERB paperwork > reading Oliver Twist :P ).

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