Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Iteratvie Thesis Development

Yesterday I decided to try a new way of organizing my time. In 'the real world', summer time always correlated with reduced productivity of a development team, in part due to developers taking vacation time, but also supervisors being absent and leaving the team with a lack of direction. I have proactively given myself this direction by dividing my summer into 3 iterations, which coincide with the three remaining months of the season. In each iteration, there are four phases, in which I will examine and refine the methodology, data acquisition, and analysis of this thesis I'm pursuing, and in the 4th phase I will write up my results. I figure that by doing three iterations in this way, the pilot study this summer should give me a really good idea on how to run a successful study in the fall, as well as a head start on some of the write-up.

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