Sunday, March 22, 2009

Modeling Topic

After a couple months of soul searching, the students enrolled in John Mylopoulos' Conceptual Modeling course are narrowing down ideas on what to model. The requirements of the project (to 'model something') left it fairly open, but perhaps too open to be immediately tractable. However, Michalis, Alicia, and I are closing the gap. I'm leaning toward modeling certain aspects of the REST web service framework I've been working on for the last little while in CSC 2125.

Obviously, system descriptions and class diagrams are uninteresting, as John pointed out earlier in the term, but modeling the requirements of what such a system should do are not. I'm looking into Tropos, but not really sure if it applies. However, we can probably do a goal model illustrating the motivation and principles of REST, contrasted with those of ws*. Also, a use case diagram describing the interface to a general ROA service could be created. Finally, we could model certain pieces of important logic, such as a delayed get, using a description logic syntax.

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