Thursday, March 19, 2009

Testing Tools

Implements a reverse test oracle (submit tests to black box piece of code). Unsure of level of functionality. Also has an eclipse plugin. Mentions sandboxing of code being run. Candidate for virtualization efforts I've been looking at.

An online grading system developed at Virginia Tech, in which students submit assignments and have the instructor's test suite run against it. Use of this system was found to encourage test-first development practices among students, as well as early assignment submission (thanks to a hint system). Impossible to install, however, unless you are Stephen Edwards, and even then only on alternating weeks.

System for snapshot collection and automated testing. Using Marmoset, researchers can easily gather detailed information about students development patterns, as an Eclipse plugin checks in all code changes to a central version control repository, which can be mined. Also, Marmoset provides automatic test feedback to students, which they can use during development of an assignment, the goal of which is to improve their experience while learning to program. It is unclear whether or not these tests are also used for [semi]automatic grading.

Although I haven't found any evidence of it yet, I'm pretty sure some combination of junit and the java remote debugger can be used to create a quick and cheap reverse test oracle. More digging required.

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