Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ORM-REST Code Sprint - Day 2

5:00 pm, day two of the code sprint is almost wrapped up. Not as much amazing progress today as I would have liked (I was minus one team member for some reason). That aside, here's what we've got:

Mohammad blocked out and implemented the pseudocode for the URL reverser described in our blog here. I took a further look at it, and filled in the magic that inverts the django url list and gives us a url from a view name and primary key value. Yay! Plugged it into the xml serializer, and voilla! Rest-like xml representation, with hyperlinks! The only thing missing from this bit is the 'http://hostname:port' part. From past experience, I've found this to be trickier than you might think (gets hairy if you've got one web server feeding into another, or a proxy/load balancer in the way). I think we'll try just using relative URIs for now.

After a couple more feature points are implemented, this thing needs a huge refactoring pass to clean it up and encapsulate it. Also, it uses some classes from the Django Rest Interface, but this library has some pathological faults that I want to not include in the tool. Yay for open licensing.

Also, discussions with Aran produced some new feature proposals. Lots of useful, tiny, easy-to-implement things that will improve the overall RESTability of the library. Further yay!

Automatic URL localization

Automatic anything localization

Model introspection and url pattern creation

Computed resources instead of data resources - make http interface automatic

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